Truax Prairie Home

Truax Prairie Home, Eau Claire, WI

The Truax Prairie Home is a restored farm house built 1864.  It was built by Peter and Cordellia Truax, whose property it resided until 1984.  The James Ray family moved into the house before it was demolished for roadwork. During the 1860's, Peter Truax came to Wisconsin from New York State, to raise draft horsed for the lumbering company.  Then he got married to Cordellia Champian.  They first lived in a sod shanty as they established their farm.  When the Truax's moved to Eau Claire, the Harris family purchased the property and built the house as a residence for the "hired man and family".  The house was used as a granary for 35 years until furnished and restored by the Ray's.

This restored farmhouse, built in 1864 by Peter and Cordellia Truax can be toured by contacting Isabel or Jim Ray at 834-2161 or 834-1766.

Four horses were used by many farmers to pull heavy equipment in the filed during harvesting. Sights similar to this were common in farming circles around here before the advent of modern machinery. These four horses are owned today by Amish farmers in the area.


Truax Prairie Home
905 Kane Rd
Eau Claire, WI 54703


Admission free.

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May thru September (Sundays) 1pm – 6pm

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Truax Prairie Home
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