Eau Claire City Council, Eau Claire, WI

203 S. Farwell, Eau claire, WI, USA, 5148
Eau Claire City Council, Eau Claire, WI

The Eau Claire City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 4 pm. These are legislative meetings were the Council votes on items. Public Hearings are held at 7 pm on the Monday evening before each legislative session. All meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 203 S. Farwell Street.

In November 1909 a movement to change the city government from Aldermanic to the commission form was launched by the West Side Boosters, the forerunners of the Water Street, Eau Claire Business Men. The campaign that preceded the February 15 election was a heated one. Local rallies were held in various sections of the city and mass meetings in the Opera House. The 20 members of the old common council were about equally split about the change. The final vote was 1867 for change and 995 against.

Since switching from a mayoral system in 1948, Eau Claire has had a city manager-city council form of government. Eau Claire City Council presidents are elected at-large to serve as head of the council. They are elected in odd-numbered years.

City Council work together to meet public needs, provide for the common good, and deliver services essential for a healthy, safe, and sustainable community. It accomplish this through transparent and accountable governance, civic engagement, and collaborative problem solving.