Jean Marie's School of Dance, Eau Claire, WI

31 W Spring St, Eau Clairew, WI, USA, 54729
(715) 723-8635
Jean Marie's School of Dance, Eau Claire, WI

About Jean Marie Nelson

Founder Director & Instructor

Jean Marie has danced, directed and choreographed for many shows. as well as having danced professionally. She studied dancing at many fine schools throughout her career including the Joe Martin School of Dance in Texas, under Eleanor Borg (formerly of thc Radio City Music Hall Kockettes), at the Eleanor Dorg School in Oregon, Eddy Smith's Dance College in Minneapolis, The Thcrmopolis Dance Studio in Wyoming and Shipley & Smith's Professional -School of Dance in California. Jcan Marie has taught on the faculty workshops in the San Francisco and in Minneapolis. She holds Degrees in N.A.D.A.A. and has performed with her instructor Benny Smith at the Surf Club of San Francisce and the Sunnyvale Theatre. Benny Smith choreographs dances for the performers at the Miss America Pageants. Jean Marie has also worked for the Thcrmopolis, WY Chamber teaching Western-style high-kicking dance.