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Greener Grass Systems, Eau Claire, WI

For many homeowners their enjoyment of the backyard stops at the deck. That’s where time is spent barbequing and entertaining family and friends. The rest of the yard represents the greater part of most weekend honey-do lists. Saturday mornings are spent mowing, trimming, pruning and picking up the toys and sporting equipment scattered across the lawn.

It’s time to reclaim a part of the yard for you.  Your sanctuary can be simple: a small patio with a table and chairs, perhaps a bubbling bird bath with a few potted plants.

It can be elaborate with paver walkways, an outdoor i replace, butterfly gardens and a water feature. The idea is to create a space just for you, a place to decompress after a day of work and to escape the pressure that life brings.

Green Oasis Gardens has everything you need to create your very own backyard oasis. For the do-it-yourselfer there is a full range of patio pavers, perennials, trees and shrubs. There are wildlife feeding supplies and accessories. For the bird watcher we have seed, feeders, bird baths and even heaters so you can keep birds around all year long. We have a talented staff of landscape designers that can make your vision a reality and a professional crew to handle all projects large and small. Green Oasis Gardens can make your backyard oasis come to life.