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River Rock Institute Inc. in Eau Claire, WI

At River Rock we believe proper skincare isn't about the pursuit of beauty, it is about being healthy. Having healthy, vibrant skin is a vital component of overall health and wellness.  Keeping your skin healthy is a challenge for most of us--especially if you are having problems with your skin like breakouts, excessive oil, dry scaly patches, blotchy coloration, and black heads.

To resolve these issues you skin deserves dedicated professional attention.  Getting FaceMapped is the first step.  We will examine your skin's 14 zones and assess your needs.  Once we determine a treatment plan, many clients choose a series of treatments to correct a particular condition such as acne, and then continue to receive a regular facial treatment every 4 to 6 weeks.

Looking your best gives you extra confidence and energizes everything you do.  We specialize in immediate, visible results while emphasizing a long-term approach to skincare that provides lasting benefits.

Our treatments combine the expertise of our highly trained certified skin care specialists with professional-strength skincare products, in a private, relaxed setting. We even have special treatments for those with highly sensitive or reactive skin.

All guests receive a consultation, skin evaluation and FaceMapping or BodyMapping, and undergo a recommended treatment approach to address their unique needs. Please inform your therapist of any medications you’re using that may cause contra-indications.