Pain Clinic of Northwestern Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI

1221 Whipple Street, Eau Claire, WI, USA, 54702
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Pain Clinic of Northwestern Wisconsin, Eau Claire, WI

In the mid 1980's the need for better pain management spread across the United States. This was prompted by patients insisting on having their pain problems better addressed and treated more effectively. The Pain Clinic of Northwestern Wisconsin has been meeting this need in northwestern Wisconsin since 1991. It has always been their mission to see patients with chronic pain problems as quickly as possible and, in the process, develop a relationship with them to work hard at sorting out the cause of their pain and identify other issues involved in their suffering.

The Pain Clinic of Northwestern Wisconsin addresses pain as a disease and not a symptom. Therefore, their practice focuses on reducing the pain and suffering of the patients and increasing their ability to do activities of daily living with more ease.

The Pain Clinic provides evaluation and alternative treatments. Surgery may not be the final answer. The Pain Clinic believes in a conservative approach utilizing physical therapy and progressing to the use of state-of-the art technology and new treatments when needed. The Pain Clinic are continuously evaluating new technologies and actively researching existing procedures for effectiveness in chronic pain patients. The Clinic also understand the importance of evaluating these technologies so as to avoid performing procedures that have a low likelihood of healing a patient.