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John Andrews, owner of the Anglers Choice Guide Service says about Walleye fishing

When fishing the crystal clear Presque Isle Lake in1983, my guests and I headed across the chain of lakes. I turned on my Lowrance X-15 B paper graph to look for a particular rock bar up wind. I noticed small piles of rocks on the bottom of the lake, with arches about 6 inches or a foot of   the bottom. We used heavy jigs tipped up with a red tail chub and dropped our lines down to about 65ft. and drifted up the slope of the rock bar.

A new era of Walleye fishing was created for my guests as we caught 16 to 24 inch Walleye at this great depth. The next morning we started of   casting a 1/8th oz. jig and minnow towards the 5ft. top and worked them down to about 25 ft. After 30 minutes and no results, I retied on heavier jigs and moved out to the 65 ft. deep area. We slowly worked vertically with our jigs, from 65 ft. up to about 45 ft. and stayed there.

This was all the confirmation I needed. For weeks my guests and I worked several different rock bars and ledges in the same depths and produced maximum limits of Walleye.

This deep water connection on opening day has been found to work on many deep clear lakes all across Wisconsin, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Canada and certain areas of the Great Lakes. It also works best in clear lakes that develop a thermo cline.

The critical concept for this method of fishing does not only work in the fall as some may think. In Spring, lake turn over dictates when the deep water connection shuts of   and when the deep clear lakes turn over. In fall, this method of fishing takes of   again.

This happens on other lakes as well, perhaps to a lesser degree. I guide on two dozen different lakes during the course of the year. My guests will say that on some lakes, this deep water concept on opening day is hard to beat.