Family Video, Eau Claire, WI

10 W Madison St, Eau claire, WI, USA, 54703
(715) 552-1260
Family Video, Eau Claire, WI

Family Video's mission is to be their customers' first entertainment choice. They do this by providing a unique mix of great customer service and low prices. Customer Service is their Top Priority.

They are a company made of talented and dedicated people who take pride in a job well done – and like to have fun doing it. Their days are built around 4 daily goals; to learn, to teach, to WOW and to improve. More than 6,500 people make their team strong and successful as they serve their customers and build this exciting company.

As the company grows, there is unlimited potential for talented people. Building more stores means making additional opportunities for part-time and full-time employees as well as assistant managers. After successfully completing a comprehensive training program, Store Managers are offered opportunities to grow with their company and relocate, District Managers are needed to oversee multiple stores and Regional Managers are promoted to build their company in new markets.