Family Dollar Store In Eau Claire, WI

3015 E Hamilton Ave, Eau Claire, WI, USA, 54701
Family Dollar Store In Eau Claire, WI


To be the best small-format convenience and value retailer serving the needs of families in our neighborhoods.


The first Family Dollar store was opened in Charlotte, NC, in 1959. It was a relatively small, self-service operation located in a neighborhood convenient to low and middle income consumers. The merchandise assortment featured basic goods for family and home needs. The no frills, low overhead, cash-and-carry environment provided good value at the lowest price points. As the company opened more stores, it became clear that this merchandising concept filled a niche in the marketplace and held great promise for supporting a chain of much larger size.

Refinements have been made through the years, but they have never lost sight of their original concept. From the beginning, all their efforts have been focused on meeting the needs of our customer base for good quality, low-cost, basic merchandise.

Those refinements, combined with their mission and vision has led Family Dollar to become a leading Fortune 400 company. Their core values have led the Company to be a strong and stable corporation among the S&P 500.

In Eau Claire branch offers every types of clothing which is included in day to day fashion.