Schmitt Music, Eau Claire, WI

Oak Pointe Plz, Eau claire, WI, USA, 54701
(715) 832-5564
Schmitt Music, Eau Claire, WI
Schmitt Music Company Specializes in Pianos, Guitars, Keyboards, Organs, Saxophones, Band & Orchestra, Printed Media. Operates 6 stores in six other states: Fargo, ND; Sioux Falls, SD; Eau Claire, WI; Overland Park, KS; and Omaha, NE; and Wells Music in Denver, CO. Employs nearly 400 people, many of whom are professional musicians. Helps more than 10,000 children join their school band or orchestra each year. Gives over 3,500 lessons each week. Offers the services of approximately 40 musical instrument technicians who repair and service thousands of instruments every year. Gives 5% of its profits to charity each year.